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Für ein digitales Gefühlstagebuch sollte man keine 4€ ausgeben, Kauf bereut.

Apple Watch App nicht brauchbar

Die App für die Watch ist nach derzeitigen Möglichkeiten echt hinterher: - sie ist nicht optimiert für watchOS 2 (native Watch App) - man kann die Stimmungen nicht mit der Crown durchgehen, sondern muss sie seitlich wischen - macht gar keinen Sinn! - es ist nur ein Reminder am Tag möglich - keine Anbindung an Health-Kit

gute Reflektionsmöglichkeit

hilft Muster und Denkfallen zu erkennen, zu reflektieren.

Super hilfreich

Klare Empfehlung!


I love this app. I’ve had it since the start of the year after being recommended and it’s been amazing since. However in the last few weeks I’ve stopped getting my notifications to when to record my moods. I had 9 months of nonstop reminders at exactly 10 pm like I set it the first day I used the app and suddenly—nothing. Like I didn’t even get a notification tonight as I’m writing this review. This is very disappointing because so far I was able to keep a good record of things to reflect on later and it was helpful for when I went to therapy. Now I randomly get reminded one day yes and another no. It’s really stressing me out because I’m relying on this app for this. I know the update said they fixed it but it’s really not fixed. I either have to remember to do it (which I don’t often hence the reason I have my reminder notification) manually or the day isn’t recorded and now I have gaps in my daily reflections. Please fix this it was doing so well before until the last 2 months.

Has just about everything you want!

It starts out simple with it just telling out to fill out this stuff, and it stays that simple. Even though it isn’t complex this provides so much help and some great strategies. Each day I have been going in and been logging it once a day, it started to become a habit and I am really glad I did that. This app will work for anyone. I have one problem with it though, it doesn’t have an iPad mini app, which is where I use it the most. Even though it functions just like it would on an iPhone sometimes it bugs me about the black borders. I would love to see the app update to support this. If you are on iPad mini and can deal with this, this would be a perfect app for you. All in all $5 for this is an underprice!

So far so good

Just started using an enjoying it. One suggestion would be to add a feature where users can take a photo of their meals for the day. I find diet plays a big role into my mood.

Good app, need import ability

Been using app daily for almost 1 yr. I like it for tracking happiness level even if I don’t journal daily. But I just bought a new phone and would like to import my notes into new phone. There’s export function but how do I import the CSV or PDF file into my app on new phone? I cannot since only export and iCloud sync options are available...but I cannot restore the synced data into new phone either.

Good, but not better.

The old layout for thought checking in the MoodKit app worked much better for me. As well as the way I could see my mood laid out and the rating scale for the mood tracker. Some aspects of this app seem better, but I hope the old app continues to get support.

Great but

Great except for the iCloud syncing errors


This program really caused me more grief than it was worth. The “moods” you can choose from are extremely linear and only really suggest depressed states vs elated ones and prompt thinking of yourself in those terms. Don’t bother with this program it’s definitely a PASS The developer of the program replied back to me attempting to dismiss my appraisal thinking I wouldn’t reply back but I stand by my review so I didn’t edit they original text. You get 30 synonyms for “pleasant” and likewise 30 for (nuanced way to describe displeased) nothing complicated just a linear slider towards or away from “indifferent” - meaning there is only one dimension of analysis. I don’t thinks this program is really worth downloading but if you want to try it - maybe you might find something to do with it.

Kind Regards to Your Team

A fantastic app, It is precise and elegant.

Fantastic idea and execution

I used Day One for this for quite awhile but, with all my my journal entries it made it a bear to review my mood entries even with the tags. This app allows me to capture only my moods and makes them easy to review down the road. It has a easy to navigate UI and even displays a message that gives you something to think about after you have completed your entry. Would recommend.


I love this app and I use it daily. HOWEVER, living a busy life sometimes I forget to record. I like to at least have my mood recorded, even if it’s great so I can see the data but once it hits midnight the app automatically goes to the next day. I’d love for there to be a way to add if you missed a day. Or, for example if it goes past midnight and all of a sudden you’ve realized you’ve recorded for Thursday when you’re still finishing your Wednesday night and Thursday has hardly started. On those kind of days, it would be amazing to be able to change the day myself so I am recording for the correct day. ***UPDATE*** Per the response, the option to backtrack is already available I just didn’t know how to use it. If I could give more than five stars I would. Other than that, I love this app so much and it’s more than worth the 4.99 I paid for it

Useful App

Great app to track mood. Two feature I wish to have -have custom activity icon to link with my mood to have better insight of ‘doing what matters’ to me the most for happiness. -in the insight dashboard wish there is a mood day tracking so I can know what time in the day I was happy, sad, or angry that link with the time. For example, if 5 days in the morning at 7 am I always have a mood of tired/anger then maybe it is because I’m not a morning person and need to change something in my life Overall, great app for first step to mood tracker.


The notification reminds I set up are not working :/

Like it

I don't spend much time on this app but I respond nearly every time I get a prompt. Someday I'll figure out how to sort and analyze the data.

I love this app but there are some things that I wish were added!

I love this app! Iv never been able to stick to any other app Iv tried but this one makes it easy! I don’t utilize some stuff like I should but what I have done has been great!... I do wish there was a way to track some other things that might correlate with mood like being able to put in period dates, if I exercised, if I ate well... and so on to see what helps and to see what triggers any bad emotions that way I can see what other kind of interventions I can do to help myself feel more positive. Also if there was a way to click other and then manually type in an emotion not on the list or add one to the list that would be really nice as well! But other than that this app has been great!

Amazing. Truly amazing.

I saw a therapist for a while who really helped but since, my job as an executive and manager for many people has made it impossible to find time to continue while still in desperate need for guidance. This is perfect. It’s so well done, methodical, and clearly intelligent, educated, and experienced people on the development team who created something life changing at the fraction of the cost of a therapist and much easier to schedule. Thank you to you all for your contribution.

Thank You

This is a really well made app from design point, user-friendly, and professionally thought out by psychologists, evidently. I have no issues thus far, but maybe to keep an open mind on new features or additions. It could be minuscule like adding different visual skins to the app for cosmetic purposes—or perhaps even some accessibility options for those who are disabled and can work in tangent with iOS settings. Another thought would maybe a way to upload images to your entries. I for one am very visual and sometimes I take pictures or save images from online that perhaps are either important to record for various reasons. A sleep journal section would likely be highly sought after and used, since sleep is extremely important and tied to your mental health. My last thought for now would perhaps to have an additional section for certain reminders (and also to have them logged) such as taking medication, important doctor appointments or other smaller ways to keep one accountable. Overall I’m glad I took the time to find this app and I hope it can help others as much as it helped me. Thank you.

Simple yet amazing...

It’s such a simple app, but so amazing at the same time. It has helped me a lot through a very rough time. Thank you so much for your hard work. As a side note, there’s a bug that’s been present for the last couple of weeks. In the Moodtrends section, there are always two extra entries on top of my (real) entries, which I didn’t register. They always look as if I submitted them the same day as the last registered entry. Finally, I would like to say that there are so many features that could take this app to an even higher level. Like: - showing the entries on a map. - attaching photos and/or audio. - Apple Watch interface that lets choosing current mood by just rotating the Digital Crown to change the “face” and submitting a quick save.

Handy, but limited app (and why can’t I exit?!)

I really like how easy it is to track mood, feelings and thoughts. The check-ins are a breeze and as quick or in-depth as you want. PROS: - Easy, friendly interface. - Quick tips on reframing negative thoughts. Super handy for anxiety. - Fairly low-key. It doesn’t rely on annoyance or guilt to motivate you to use the app. - Ability to get as detailed as you’d like. CONS: - Have a feeling that isn’t listed? Sorry, it doesn’t count. No way to customize the positive or negative feelings! - There’s not an easy way to track the physical piece of the equation. Feeling hormonal? Suffering from a migraine? You just have to add it to your notes and hope you’ll find it later when looking at trends. - The insights section has some handy charts and lists, but it doesn’t dive as deep as it could. (For instance, it’ll highlight moods that are most common, but are they trending up or down? You can look at trends over 1 week, 3 months and 6 months, but not 1 month.) BUGS: - It is nearly impossible to exit this app by swiping up. Even if you’ve closed other apps since swiping up, it will still come back to haunt you, demanding your Touch ID. Let me close this app!

Truly helps

I’ve use my Mood Notes app for the past two months. It has truly helped me reframe and think through situations. It has helped me have a much healthier perspective.


Reminders are not working so well. Otherwise, LOVE the app!

Great but could use some updates

I personally love the app and think the multiple choice options make it really easy! However I’d like to see a few updates like being able to attach pictures to day descriptions, having more emotion options or being able to add personalized options, and being able to export more specific times (there’s a this week and last week but no last 2 weeks for example)

Amazing App w/ Heartfelt Intention... But Where‘s the Customer Support?

I discovered this app through the App Store Today section. The editor(s) did a whole story on this app, and I instantly fell in love with it. I actually know about the journalling technique this app is based on, because I personally learned it from my previous therapist. I love how everything is synced securely into iCloud and that there’s optional lock settings to access the app for privacy. The design of the app is also simply stellar. I used a similar app on Android, and the design of it was not very appealing and didn’t even have cloud backup support. This app, therefore, is a great improvement vs. that app and it’s definitely worth the price. With everything said, there is the major downside. I have been having the same issue ever since I downloaded the app initially almost a couple months ago. It’s the location feature. For some reason, it keeps giving me the same location for each of my entries when I’m at home, and it’s not even where I am from! It simply says “Downtown”. What even does that mean? So I contacted customer service about this twice, but I got no response at all (even though it says it will take them 2 days to respond if I’m not mistaken). This concerns me, especially since this is a paid app. I hope that there will be better communication in the future, because this app has so much potential. It seems to me that they listen to user feedback which is great, but they lack the resources to interact with customers one on one with bugs or issues. Especially since this app is (intentionally or not) targeted towards those with mental health issues, I would expect very kind and thoughtful customer service. Please consider this moving forward. Thank you (:

A good way to bring awareness to my feelings.

Easy to use and the reminders help me stop now and then to check my emotional status, a very necessary task for anyone who needs to manage depression. I just wish the app could function in landscape mode.


I keep clicking “got it” by accident once I read a section and then all of the information is gone , can you allow the info to stay accessible ???

Doesn’t fit me.

The long list of feelings don’t fit me. They are all positive. I live in a negative world. Example: I’m not happy and excited. I’m sad and bored.

App was ok @ 1st

Thought this app was ok and then EVERYDAY it asks me the same ?’s no deviation. Not worth the 4.99 I paid wouldn’t advise ANY1 purchase this app.

Allows me to better articulate my thoughts

I love how it also helps me take some distance from my thoughts. It helps me start to meditate and to restore mind health.

An app that can save lives

You see I live in a very complicated city surrounded with much complicated culture that still see mental health as a taboo subject to be highlighted out load, luckily I’ve my friend who lives in a away cities whom advised me against going to see a psychiatrist within the city i live in giving how much of sharing could get me in trouble within the authority in here, I’ve done my research read a few books and i found this app, i said to myself lets just give it a try what would i lose after all this suffering talking to a machine is still a great option at least I won’t get in trouble, I know for sure in many cases of depression and anxiety a CPT techniques might not be enough so if you have the The privilege to see a psychiatrist please go for it while using this app it might help you to recover even more faster, I had to read so much to understand my suffering am glad that many won’t have to given such great ideas still exist within our world brings hope to the depressed community around the world, to the amazing psychologists and developers to the coders whom might never understood what the hell they were coding at the first place, you ladies and gentlemen have saved lives and for mine am and always will be grateful. May the force be with you all. Thank you.


While I haven’t had a lot of chance to use this app. It’s great. Even greater is.. to don’t get an update showing up once a week. When I do receive the update notification.. I get some info on what is being updated. Not a standard “We updated are app once a week, for bug fixes performance improvements” those tired ol’ explanations are Bullocks. Thanks for the honesty. We will all know when you get bought out and your update starts with. “We update our app once a week...” 😄👍🏼

Mood notes

I discovered this sight a few months ago. It’s been a comfort to me to have it to turn to.

Mood notes is your own portable brain trainer

Love this tracking tool. I’m sharing it w family and friends. It’s really helpful in that you can chart positive and negative feelings together. It encourages self awareness of the whole picture. Very user friendly. It’s fun too.

Great for tracking moods

This app is honestly a steal. Some might be deterred because it's $5, but it's still cheaper than a journal you would buy basically anywhere. Moodnotes reminds me every day to write down how I'm feeling, and it's honestly such an easy interface to use. At just an eye's glance, I can see what my moods have been like for the past 2 weeks; I can watch as much or as little as I want, and if I'm going to see my therapist, I can easily look back at daily notes to remind myself how I was feeling. For someone who has had depression, it's extreme helpful to track moods -- for yourself AND your psychologist 👍🏻.

It does it’s job

It is a good as a mood tracker and a journal keeper. I have been keeping up with it and it makes me feel proud to say that I’ve been doing it. Helps out with the expressing how I feel and the writing skills. I just wish it did a little more. I really don’t know what else I would add: maybe a highlight feature where you can highlight the feelings or key words that make you feel that way.

Dr. Giordano

I have used a paper and pencil journal for replacing self-defeating thoughts with my patients for decades. when I found moodnotes I was thrilled to try and recommend an app to my patients, which supports this important skill. This app is very easy to use and is effective in helping my clients and me to change their negative self talk and also to share their data with me. The insights that I’m learning into my own thinking and mold life are in lightning and super helpful

What you need when you need it

You could find a therapist and hope your insurance covers it and that you’ll remember that thing you need to talk about at your appointment in two weeks. Or you can get this app and get immediate perspective without judgement. Extremely helpful.

Super helpful

I can take a step back from my feelings to sort them out. And, the check ins are easy peasy for me. Even on days when I think I can't manage to write.... When I do... I'm clearer.

Pretty good for keeping track of your mood/thoughts

However sometimes your moods don’t make up your day, though moods and thoughts seem to be intimately intertwined. I see a lot of potential for better analysis and pattern tracking and mood noting that can happen with the app. Good work so far!

Great app, makes you think!

Finding a mental health professional is difficult. Of course, for many of us it’s a necessary headache (all of the calls and the waiting just to get in someplace, or waiting months until you can see someone again); however, filling the gaps between professional one-on-one sessions has never been quite as effective as it has been with Moodnotes. Journaling the old fashion way is great! .... if you can be consistent. But then, you’re talking AT something, rather than having an app like this actually engage with your mood - how are you feeling? What moods are you experiencing? What thinking traps may you have fallen into today? How can you reframe your negative feelings now that you know WHY you were thinking this way? It’s a fantastic tool to have to keep my brain in check. The only think I wish the app had was either the ability to add your own thinking traps, or for the developers to add more (such as minimizing negatives, compartmentalizing, etc.). These are my personal MO’s, which I’m aware of, but it’d help to have this app call me out on them too. :)

Quick, Easy and Effective

On a notification, I can quickly record my mood. If need be I can record thoughts and see if they need an adjustment. Very helpful.

Mood tracking

This app definitely makes it easier to keep track of moods and recognize negative thought patterns before the downward spiral begins. This is important. In “The Feeling Good Handbook” these negative thought patterns, or “thought traps” are explained more fully, but this app makes it easier to actually follow through with CBT....that is, recognizing and reframing our harmful or destructive thoughts throughout the day. I have found that this form of therapy is an essential step in treating depression and anxiety.

Neat, slick, easy to use

It’s pretty awesome.

Finally, a real emotion based journal and data reporting!

I love this app. I am able to emotionally reflect on how I am feeling. Over time, this allows me to better reflect on my emotions. Metrics and data reporting based on your emotions are available to you, and I’ve learned so much about myself. This app isn’t trying to sell me ads, no secret agenda, just a quality product. My only suggestion/feedback: I wish there was an IPad version. I use this app only on my IPad, but I have to use the mobile version to use this app.

So helpful

I am enjoying this app so much. This helps me to think things through after I go through answering all the questions. When I see the solution I realize that things aren’t as bad as they seem.

Solid App

Dear Developer, This fall the new Doctor Who starts. I will give only honest review. By the time the next Doctor premiers I’ll give you a hagiographic review.

10/10 would recommend!!

why is this app so great? It’s such a great idea and is organized so well, it’s really helped me. I was skeptical when I first bought it because I’ve bought many other apps similar to this one. However, this app is the only one I’ve discovered that works and really helps. Thank you!!!


This app exceeded expectations. It’s empowering to see thought patterns and comforting to be able to learn and grow in a safe space through journaling.

Still still not sure of this app

I have to remember to Enter Information It would beIf a reminder Could activate This app

i love this app

i’ve struggled with depression and anxiety for years now. my sister recommended this app for me when i was having trouble getting out of negative thought patterns. i use it nearly every day, it’s like having a therapist in my pocket to help me through the day. the only difference is you don’t have to worry about being incompatible with a therapist. i would recommend this app to anyone!

Pleasant to use, but reminders are annoying

The app is well-designed, and I’ve found the combination of freetext journal + mood gauge + feelings selector very helpful. But I feel sour about the fact that the app sends a push notification daily if I have not logged an entry yet. I cannot turn that off! I submitted feedback to developers to let me turn this off, but there was no response, which just pours salt on the wound.

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