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It really helps us to think about the way we react to situations and make us able to remodel our way of thinking.

Really good app

The idea is excellent, and the app is easy to use. I still am finding a bit difficult to see the real life benefits but I need to test it for more than 3 months to be sure.

Simple and straightforward

Elegant interface and straightforward concept


This app has changed my life

Helps when I need it to

Ive been suffering from depression for years. During my worst episodes just having an always available, easily concealed mood journal already helps more than you can imagine, especially if I have to be in public (transit, work, shopping,...). Moodnotes is this, and more. Thanks a lot!

Works as advertised


Interesting app

Its a cool value proposition for a mood diary that could potentially change how you think. Overall Im satisfied but surprised at the amount of input I have to make for every entry. The list of mental traps is quite daunting and hard to remember. I assumed the app would surface traps based on my mood inputs. I know the app has real psychological research behind it but I wished it was more intelligent and faster to input information. Maybe its just me but I often have fleeting thoughts or feelings that dont need a detailed multi paragraph to describe. Itd be cool if I could quick add a mood and have a quick snippet of what just happened.

Great app!

Ive only just started using this app but its already making a difference. Very excited to see things change finally. Thank you for this! Highly recommend this this app!

Liking it so far

It needs a few more emotions added to the list, though. Something like "lethargic" and "energetic", among others. Only had it for about a week, but Im not using it for the intended purpose of changing how I think to make myself more positive (from what I remember the description saying). What Im using it for is to keep track of my emotions for my bipolar disorder. Its something that was suggested to me by my doctor years ago which I havent gotten around to trying until now. Im sure there are other mood journals out there, but this is the first one I came to after a friend posted a link to it on Facebook. Hopefully I keep it up.

Amazing App

I love this app for building self awareness and for reframing perspective and emotions. So great.

Great journaling tool, but somewhat limited

Great tool for tracking moods and feelings, but could use a few tweaks. App needs an "other" or fill-in-the-blank option so I can add feelings that arent already listed in the app. The current lists are too restrictive. Export tool needs a date option so I can select a more specific time frame. Failing that, "this week" should default to the previous seven days, or there should be an additional "last two weeks" option, or add the ability to set a reminder to export on Mondays, at the end of the month, etc. I often forget to export on Mondays and end up having to export way more data than necessary in order to capture the most recent entries. Prompts to record moods randomly throughout the day would be helpful. Existing reminders to journal do not work (or at least, do not work when left on the standard every other day setting. I have not tried to customize the reminders). Further analytics would be nice so that I can see more information about trends in moods (e.g. times of day, keywords from journal entries, etc.). For the cost of this app, I expected a smarter journaling tool, but it has been helpful overall.

Has Had A Positive Effect

Been using at least once daily (often more) and it has absolutely had a positive impact on my life. Its funny how it works because it was not what I was expecting. The best part about it (and what makes it effective) is that you have to sit and actually think about your thinking, while youre in the moment with all of those feelings and emotions. It gets you into this place where youre able to sort of leave those things and analyze your thinking from an outsiders perspective looking in which is effective. I also didnt realize how often I track that I am in a good mood. This has been absolutely great as I am able to look back and notice that while there may be some sad days there is still a lot of happy (more than is was aware of before using the app). Some minor developments would be more than welcome such as being able to set multiple reminders per day and a smarter way of suggesting potential thinking traps you might be falling into. Not a huge issue though it is still quite a useful app. The UI is absolutely gorgeous. This makes the overall user experience fairly frictionless, which I think adds to its effectiveness because Im lazy and would be less inclined to fill it out everyday if it were hard/ugly.

Not worth the money.

There are other, free apps that do what this one does but better. I thought this would have a lot more functions because its free, but it doesnt do much. I wish I could get my money back, honestly.

Based on legit science

Well produced and is an extremely easy way to apply cognitive therapy to affecting your moods.

A boss app.

Brings a lot of joy to the UI experience

Worth your time.

A lot of good work was put into this. After being to counseling I can see how similar the techniques are. Its a joy to use especially if youre having a tough day and need to reframe your thoughts.

Its Fine

Features are good but not sure if its really worth it


I was searching for a mood journal app when I came across Moodnotes. I personally think it is the nicest looking mood journal app offered in the AppStore. The app is incredibly easy to use. You can either just quickly swipe up or down and input how you feel via varying degrees of smiley faces but the app really shines when you go more in depth about how you are feeling. This app has really helped me to recognize what "traps" Im falling into when Im feeling poorly which makes it easier for me to try and fix that way of thinking. The app lets you set one reminder a day and it lets you add a passcode protector. You can see a graph that shows your moods as well, which I like. I like to use the app twice a day, in the morning and at night. I wish the app had the option for reminding me twice a day and I wish it was also better optimized for my iPad as I dislike putting my apps on the x2 resolution.

alang helpful

When I write about the good stuff I feel accomplished and calm and when I write about the bad stuff it makes me realize what I want to correct I think if entire world were to use this world would be very very peaceful and nobody would be angry

Easy to use

And nice interface too. Just what I wanted. Only thing: i want to export to evernote too.

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